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In collaboration with our communities we’re leading the way in technology and resources management to ensure Iowans’ have access to a drinking water supply that is safe, reliable, and cost effective.

Who we are:

IAWA members are a diverse group of urban and rural drinking water utilities serving populations of 10,000 or greater. Overall we provide drinking water to approximately 1.2 million Iowans every day.


  • To seek cost-effective water treatment and distribution strategies, while maintaining a service that is safe, reliable and exemplifies high water quality standards for Iowa’s drinking water customer.

  • To serve as a resource to our members, our communities and legislative and regulatory representatives to accomplish our goal of providing safe drinking water to all Iowans’ today and into the future.

  • To build alliances that will protect Iowa’s surface and groundwater resources.

  • To represent unique, large drinking water utilities on legislative, regulatory and technical issues.

  • To educate the young people of Iowa about the value of water and the important role it plays in our daily lives. Emphasizing that: improving and protecting Iowa’s water resources is a responsibility we all share.

  • To provide educational opportunities in our communities and through coordination of the annual Iowa Children’s Water Festival. The festival provides 2,000 Iowa 5th grade students hands-on learning, delivered in a creative, fun, and diverse format.

How does IAWA accomplish its mission

  • IAWA members seek opportunities to build coalitions for improving water quality and reducing the impact of flood events in Iowa.

  • IAWA members develop and participate in education opportunities throughout Iowa.

  • IAWA members serve and provide leadership on industry-wide and governmental technical advisory committees, working groups and other committees to cooperatively develop rules and regulations related to Iowa’s drinking water program and to implement the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments.

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